Magnetoelectric composites with emergent properties for wireless and sensing applications (MECOMAP)

Financed by executive unit for financing education higher, research and development and innovation, CNCS – UEFISCDI, project number 263/2014, project code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1119

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The aim of the present multidisciplinary project is to design by modeling&simulation, produce by innovative synthesis methods and various sintering strategies, to investigate the physico-chemical properties at various length scales of a few types of magnetoelectric composites with emergent properties in order to integrate them at industrial scale in a few types of new applications.

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Two types of devices based on magnetoelectric composites will be produced: (i) miniaturised magnetoelectric tunable reconfigurable antennas based on particulate ceramic composites; (ii) new types of sensors / transducers / actuators / harvesters based on layered magnetoelectric composites.

The project will contribute to increase the consortium capacity to approach top research subjects in the field of smart multifunctional materials with high applicative potential. In terms of material science aspects, an important contribution will be given by a complex physico-chemical experimental – modeling approach for understanding the relationship between composition, micro/nanostructural parameters and functional properties of the magnetoelectric composites with different degrees of phase connectivity. The composition, phase interconnectivity and microstructures will be optimised and the best composite structures will be selected for the proposed applications. By considering the dielectric, ferro/piezoelectric and magnetoelectric properties of the produced composites, new magnetoelectric devices will be designed, realised, tested and optimised and the best solutions in terms of both technical parameters and cost efficiency will be implemented as prototypes by the industrial partner. The new devices are expected to contribute to the increase of the company performances by extending its production capacities, by extending the number of high specialised employees and the number of its beneficiaries.

The overall scientific goal is to improve the knowledge in the field of multifunctional magnetoelectric composite structures at different levels (macroscopic, mesoscopic and at nanoscale) in order to generate properties beyond the present ones and to integrate them into new magnetoelectric devices with superior characteristics and low cost.

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Project budget


Public budget (lei)

Own budget  (lei)

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TOTAL (lei)






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Stage I

I. The implementation of ab-initio calculations for magnetoelectric structures. The synthesis of composite powders (Budget Stage I: 85.646,00lei).
I.1 Synthesis of ferroelectric-ferrite composite powders using sol– gel method. Micro/nano-structural and phase characterization of composite powders (Budget CO: 32.000,00lei).
I.2 Realization of ME particulate ceramic composites with controlled properties by using composite powders (I) (Budget CO: 14.625,00lei).
I.3 The implementation of ab-initio calculations for simulation of ferroelectricity and magnetism coexistence (Budget P3: 10.000,00lei).
I.4 The development of ab-initio models for ME coupling in realistic ceramic composite structures (Budget P3: 13.021,00lei).
     Ø Project management, coordination and dissemination (Budget CO+P3: 16.000,00lei).

Stage II

II. Preparation, micro/nanostructural and phase characterization of ME composites and their functional characterization. Theoretical description of the ME structures (Budget Stage II: 571.354,00lei)
II.1 Realization of ME particulate composite ceramics with controlled properties using composite powders (Budget CO+P2: 48.375,00lei).
II.2 Preparation of multilayer ceramic composite structures (Budget CO+P2: 32.800,00lei).
II.3 The micro/nanostructural and phase characterization of composite materials (Budget CO+P2: 74.000,00lei).
II.4 Low field dielectric characterization of composite materials (Budget CO+P1: 133.900,00lei)
II.5 The study of macroscopic ferroelectric properties (P(E), dc-tunability, pyroelectric effect) ). (Budget CO+P1: 102.600,00lei).
II.6 Magnetic and thermomagnetic characterization of ceramics composites (Budget CO+P2: 46.300,00lei).
II.7 Development of ab-initio model for ME coupling in realistic multilayer structure composites (Budget CO+P3: 39.354,00lei).
II.8 Development of finite element models for the calculation of the functional properties of multilayer composites (Budget CO: 51.625,00lei).
     Ø Project management, coordination and dissemination (Budget CO+P1+P2+P3: 42.400,00lei)

Stage III

III. Characterization of the functional properties of ME composites (Budget Stage III: 205.500,00lei);
III.1 The complex magnetic characterization (Budget CO+P1+P2: 52.800,00lei).
III.2 The determination of dielectric permittivity and complex permeability of the composites in GHz range (Budget CO+P2: 21.500,00lei).
Theoretical description ME response
III.3 Development of finite element models for the functional properties calculation of particulate composite with realistic microstructures (Budget CO: 13.400,00lei).
The realization of experimental and functional models for their industrial implementation.
III.4 Design and production of ME devices using ceramic samples produced in the consortium (Budget CO+P1: 14.000,00lei).
III.5 Testing in different conditions of the obtained ME devices, analysis results, optimization (Budget P1: 11.100,00lei).
III.6 Realization of experimental and functional models using the best obtaining sample and devices which was previously tested (Budget CO+P1+P2: 26.925,00lei).
III.7 Study of possible implementation in production of obtaining products. The elaboration of documentation for patent proposals(Budget CO+P1: 37.275,00lei).
     Ø Project management, coordination and dissemination (Budget CO+P1+P2: 28.500,00lei).

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Coordinator (CO): "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Faculty of Physics

Project Manager: Prof. Univ. dr. Liliana Mitoseriu
CSIII dr. Cristina Elena Ciomaga
Post-doc Researcher Lavinia-Petronela Curecheriu
Post-doc Researcher Felicia Gheorghiu
CS dr. Gabriela Ciobanu
CS dr. Leontin Padurariu
Post-doc Researcher Mirela Airimioaei
Post-doc Researcher Nadejda Horchidan
Ph. D. Student Roxana Elena Patru
Ph. D. Student Cipriana Padurariu

Partner 1 (P1): GRADIENT S.R.L.

Coordinator, Senior Researcher dr. Florin-Mihai Tufescu
Senior Researcher Florin Brinza
Research assistant Tamara-Nela Tufescu
Research assistant Florin Tufescu
Marketing director Ramona-Stefania Tufescu
Technician Magdalena Alexandrescu
Steeple Ionica-Costel Gradinaru
Steeple Ioan Heghedus

Partner 2 (P2): National Institute of Research & Development for Technical Physics Iasi

Coordinator, CSI dr. Nicoleta Lupu
Senior Researcher dr. Horia Chiriac
Senior Researcher Mihai Tibu
Post-doc Researcher Cristina Stefania Olariu
Researcher Iulian Murgulescu
Researcher Gabriel Ababei
Researcher Marian Grigoras
Post-doc Researcher Mihaela (Lostun) Grigoras
Engineer Adrian Loiso
Ph. D. Student Luiza (Budeanu) Racila
Technician Constantin Tinjeala

Partner 3 (P3): National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca

Coordinator, CSI dr. Daniel Bilc
CSII Sorina Garabagiu

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CO research group has acces to an excellent infrastructure needed for the aim of the present project: platform AMON/CARPATH ( and RAMTECH research center ( consisting of:
1. Laboratory of powders preparation (Calcination owens up to 13000C (Nabertherm L5/13/P330) and 16000C (Nabertherm LHT04/16/P310), analytical balance DV215CDV),
2. Structural & characterisation analysis (Difractometer Shimadzu LabX XRD-6000, XPS-PHI 5000, Scanning electron miocroscope - Hitachi S-3400 N2 microscope) for the tasks involved in WP3;
3. Broadband dielectric spectroscopy laboratory (Impedance/Gain-Phase analyser SOLARTRON 1260A, Dielectric/Impedance Interface; Impedance/Material Analyzer 1MHz¸3GHz, Agilent E8361A PNA Network Analyzer: 10MHz¸67GHz) for the tasks of WP4;
4. High voltage measurement Laboratory (Hysteresis P(E), tunability ε(E), I(V) with Trek amplifyer 30/20A-H-CE, High-Voltage amplifier 180¸250VAC; Pulse generator tip TDS 3000; Power generators 250¸1000 MHz and 1¸2.5GHz, PIEZOMETER PIEZOTEST PM300) used for tasks involved in WP4;
5. Laboratory of performant calculations & modeling: Sun Blade 2500 Workstation, Cluster 9 x AMD Athlon 64 and 3000COMSOL 3.3, Maple 11, OriginPro 8, Graphic software, used for tasks involved WP2.
6. Laborator of microwaves (directional antenna Hypert LOG 7060, vectorial network analyzer (VNA) Anritsu VNA MASTER MS2026C).

- Electrical and piezoelectric characterisation laboratory:
Digital oscilloscope Tektronix TDS2012C,
Programmable generator Matrix DDS FG,
Multimeter U3401A Agilent Tech,
Vibrating system Hitachi/3kW, Digital function generator HM-8131,
Universal counter and accessories Hameg,
Spectral analyser HM 5014, RLC bridge Protek with accessories,
- External acquisition data system USB 4716, Stabilized precision generator 5-30 V/2,5A,
- EMF Gaussmeter.
- Workshop for fine mechanics and precision testing, Mechanical Workshop (welding, hydraulic & mechanical pressing, milling, polishing, cutting, etc. machines);
- Workshop for producing prototypes;
- Computers for data acquisition and analysis.

- Equipments for the preparation of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials;
- Furnaces for annealing in air, vacuum and controlled atmosphere up to 15000C;
- X-Ray diffractometer with temperature module for in-situ analysis of the microstructure’s evolution in the temperature range 77–1700 K;
- Cross Beam System with thermal Schottky field emission emitter (SEM) and accelerated Ga ions column (FIB) equipped with EDS, EBSD, In-lens and EsB detectors, Gas Injection System, ion-beam nanopatterning module,
- micromanipulator for TEM samples preparation;
- Ultra-High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope with monochromator and image corrector; working in TEM, STEM, EELS, EDS, EFTEM, nanodiffraction modes;
- Atomic Force Microscope with MFM, EFM, SThM, STTM, conductive–AFM, and nanoindentation modules;
- Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (magnetic field range 0-3.2T; working temperature 4-1300 K);
- Surface magnetic characteristics measurement system by magnetooptical Kerr effect;
- Equipments for the measurement of magnetostriction by strain gauge (suitable for bulk samples) and Small Angle Magnetization Rotation (SAMR) (suitable for ribbons and wires) methods;
- Hysteresisgraph with accessories: frequency range 30-3000 Hz;
- Impedance/network analysers working in the frequency ranges: 40-110 MHz; 1 MHz–3 GHz; 3–50 GHz;
- Equipments for the study of the dynamic characteristics of magnetic sensors with earth magnetic field compensating system, allowing the evaluation of resolution, sensitivity and linearity of various sensors.

- IBM Cluster System iDataPlex dx360 M4 (28 compute nodes Dual Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge E5-2665 8-Core 2,4 GHz, 20 MB L3, cache, DDR3 64 GB 1600 MHz ECC cu 440 cores, 2 head nodes CISCx86 cu 6 Core, 12 MB L3 Cache, 2.93 GHz, 20 TB hard disk space cu discuri SAS 2.0, 10000 rpm, FDR Infinteband network with 56 GB/s bandwidth);
- HP Cluster (4 copute nodes HP DL 2000, 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5649 (2.53GHz/6-core/12MB/80W) cu 48 cores, one dead node HP DL160 G6, 1 x Intel® Xeon® E5649 (2.53GHz/6-core/12MB/80W), 2 TB hard disk space cu discuri SATA2, 7200rpm, 3.5”, gigabit network connection).

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Papers published in ISI journals with acknowledgements at PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1119:

  • A. Neagu, L.P. CurecheriuM. Airimioaei, A. Cazacu, A. Cernescu, L. MitoseriuImpedance spectroscopy characterization of relaxation mechanisms in gold-chitosan nanocomposites, Composite Part B 71, 210-217 (2015), IF=3.85, 50% reported to this grant (IF=1.925).
  • A. Sakanas, R. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, L. CurecheriuL. Mitoseriu, V. Buscaglia, Microstructural influence on the broadband dielectric properties of BaTiO3-Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 core-shell composites: experiment and modeling, J. Appl. Phys. 118, 174106-8 (2015) 100% reported to this grant (IF=2.185).
  • C.E. Ciomaga, O.G. Avadanei, I. Dumitru, M. Airimioaei, S. Tascu, F. Tufescu, and L. Mitoseriu, Engineering magnetoelectric composites towards application as tunable microwave filter, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 49, 125002 (2016) 100% reported to this grant (IF =2.772)
  • N. Horchidan, C.E. Ciomaga, R.C. Frunza, C. Capiani, C. Galassi, L. Mitoseriu, A comparative study of hard/soft PZT-based ceramic composites, Ceramics International 42, 9125–9132 (2016) 100% reported to this grant (IF =2.758)
  • R.E. Stanculescu, C.E. Ciomaga, N. Horchidan, C. Galassi, F.M. Tufescu, L. Mitoseriu, The influence of post-sintering re-oxidation treatment on dielectric response of dense and porous Ba0.70Sr0.30TiO3 ceramics, Ceramics International 42, 527–536 (2016); 100% reported to this grant (IF =2.758)
  • G. Schileo, C. Pascual-Gonzalez, M. Alguero, I.M. Reaney, P. Postolache, L. Mitoseriu, K. Reichmann, A. Feteira, Yttrium Iron Garnet/Barium Titanate Multiferroic Composites, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 99 [5] 1609–1614 (2016) 100% reported to this grant (IF =2.787)
  • L. Pădurariu, L.P. Curecheriu, L. Mitoseriu, Nonlinear dielectric properties of paraelectric -dielectric composites described by a 3D Finite Element Method based on Landau-Devonshire theory, Acta Materialia 103, 724-734 (2016); IF =5.058 reported 50%: PN-II-RU-TE-2012-3-0150; 50%: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1119 (IF=2.529)
  • D.I. Bilc, L. Zarbo, S. Garabagiu, E. Bousquet, L. Mitoseriu, High-field properties of typical perovskite ferroelectrics by first-principles modeling, Cond-mat e-print archive (2016): arXiv:1605.07404.
  • Sakanas, D. Nuzhnyy, R. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, F. Borodavka, S. Kamba, C. E. Ciomaga, and L. Mitoseriu, Dielectric and phonon spectroscopy of Nb-doped Pb(Zr1-yTiy)O3-CoFe2O4 composites, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 121, 214101 (2017);, (full acknowledgement to this grant), (IF=2.068)
  • V. Pop, N. Horchidan, A.C. Ianculescu, L. Mitoseriu, Frequency mixing application based on BaTiO3 ceramic: Design and functional characterization, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY, 14, 4, 593-603 (2017); doi: 10.1111/ijac.12707/pdf; (full acknowledgement for this grant), (IF=1.048) - Obs.: Fig. 5 of this paper has been selected as back cover in the volume 14, 2017 of this Journal


Book chapter in international publishinh house

Cristina E. Ciomaga & Liliana Mitoseriu, Cap. 21 Ferroelectric Perovskite-Spinel Ferrite Ceramics, (26 pag), carte Magnetic, Ferroelectric, and Multiferroic Metal Oxides, Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-12-811180-2 (2017).


Proposal for patents sent for evaluation at OSIM in 2017

  1. Cristina Elena Ciomaga, Mirela Airimioaei, Liliana Mitoseriu, Nicoleta Lupu, Compozit magnetoelectric ceramic obținut prin procedeul de preparare in situ, cu proprietăți feromagnetice, magnetostrictive şi permitivități de ordinul sutelor , registered to OSIM A/00314 (2017)
  2. Florin Mihai Tufescu, Liliana Mitoseriu, Cristina Elena Ciomaga, Nicoleta Lupu, Mihai Valentin Pop, Florin Tufescu, Senzor de câmp magnetic variabil cu structură magnetoelectrică stratificată din ceramică de Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 și microbenzi din Fe78Si9B13 , registered to OSIM A/00422 (2017).


Conference presentations with acknowledgements at PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1119:

International conference presentations

[1] C.E. Ciomaga, M. Airimioei, L. Padurariu, L. Mitoseriu, Preparation and functional properties of ferroelectric-ferrite composites: Experiment and modeling, 5th Management Committee Meeting (MCM5) and Meetings of Working COST Action IC1208, Bilkent University, Ankara 26th-27th March 2015, Turkey (oral presentation).

[2] R. Grigalaitis, A. Sakanas, J. Banys, C. E. Ciomaga, L. Mitoseriu, Broadband Dielectric Studies of Cobalt Ferrite and Nb-doped Lead Zirconium Titanate Multiferroic CompositesJoint IEEE International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectric (ISAF), International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF), and Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Workshop (PFM) (ISAF-ISIF-PFM 2015), 24th-27th May 2015, Singapore (oral presentation).

[3] C. E. Ciomaga, M. Airimioaei, P. Postolache and L. Mitoseriu, Electric and magnetic properties of particulate ferrite-ferroelectric composites10th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics, Iasi 18th-20th Mai 2015, Romania (poster presentation).

[4] N. Horchidan, L. Stoleriu, L. Padurariu, L. Mitoseriu, FORC diagrams: a complementary method for ferroelectric materials characterization, The International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics (HMM), Iasi 18th-20th Mai 2015, Romania (poster presentation).

[5] C.E. Ciomaga, L. Padurariu and L. MitoseriuFerroelectric-ferrite/CNT ceramic composites: synthesis, functional properties and modeling3rd Conference of The Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials, Belgrade 15th-17th June 2015, Serbia (invited).

[6] M. Airimioaei, C.E. Ciomaga and L. MitoseriuPreparation and functional characterization of CoFe2O4-PbTiO3magnetoelectric composites, 14th International Conference EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, Toledo 21th-25th June 2015, Spain (poster presentation).

[7] R. Stanculescu, C.E. Ciomaga, L. Padurariu, N. Horchidan, C. Galassi and L. Mitoseriu, Study of the role of Graphite-derived porosity on the BT-based materials functional properties, 13th European Meeting of Ferroelectricity, Porto 28th June – 3rd July 2015, Portugal (oral presentation).

[8] M. Airimioaei, C.E. Ciomaga and L. MitoseriuEffect of magnostrictive CoFe2O4 phase on ferroelectric PbTiO3 phase in magnetoelectric composites13th European Meeting of Ferroelectricity, Porto 28th June – 3rd July 2015, Portugal (oralpresentation).

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[20] C.E. Ciomaga, O.G. Avadanei, I. Dumitru, M. Airimioaei, F. Tufescu, L. Mitoseriu, Engineering magnetoelectric composites towards application as tunable microwave filter, 21-25 August 2016 ISAF/ECAPD/PFM Conference, Darmstadt, Germany (poster presentation).

[21] Airimioaei, C. E. Ciomaga, A. Guzu, N. Horchidan, L. P. Curecheriu, N. Lupu, F. M. Tufescu, and L. Mitoseriu, Study of microstructure and functional properties of layered BaTiO3–ferrite–BaTiO3 magnetoelectric composites obtained by SPS method, 15th Conference & Exhibition of European Ceramic Society EcerS 2017, July 9-13, 2017, Budapest, Hungary (poster)

National conference presentations

  1. V. Preutu, R. Stanculescu, M. Airimioaei, L. Mitoseriu, C. Ciomaga, S. Tascu, Prepararea şi investigarea proprietăţilor compozitelor bazate pe PCL şi nanoparticulemagnetice/feroelectrice, Sesiunea de comunicari stiintifice studentesti FARPHYS 2014, Iasi, Romania, 25.10.2014 (poster);
  2. V. Preutu, R. Stanculescu, M. Airimioaei, L. Mitoseriu, Investigation of composites based on Poly–ε–caprolactone and magnetic/ferroelectric nanoparticles, 10th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials, Iasi, Romania, 22 – 28.09.2014 (poster presentation);
  3. A. Maftei, L. Curecheriu, M. Airimioaei, N. Horchidan, P. Postolache, C.E. Ciomaga, L. Mitoseriu, Dielectric and magnetic properties of BZT-(Co,Zn) ferrite ceramic compozites, The 6th National Conference on Applied Physics, 26 – 27.11.2016, Iasi, Romania (poster presentation);
  4. I. Turcan, L. Mitoseriu, J. Banys, Study of functional properties of Fe2O3-BaTiO3 multiferroic ceramic composites, The 6th National Conference on Applied Physics, 26 – 27.11.2016, Iasi, Romania (oral presentation).