Hysteresis and switching in exotic nano and molecular magnetic structures
(185/2011-10-05 cod proiect: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0794)


The project EXOTIC is dedicated to the study of a new class of magnetic nanostructures that can be included in the category of metamaterials. The best example of such structure is the system of artificial frustrated magnets in which, as the name suggests, the interactions between the nanomagnets are frustrated and the system can have a number of equivalent states with a certain probability. this „quantum-like” behavior is now intensively studied but the domain is still in the early stages.

We propose in this project a profound (theoretical, numerical and experimental) analysis of the interactions (especially the long-range magnetostatic) which we see as a major step in the understanding of these exotic ensembles of nanomagnets. The study could provide answers to many technological problems related to the possibility of sensitive properties tuning only by adjusting the geometrical characteristics of the system. a comparison with the hysteresis observed in single molecule magnets will provide the essential differences between “quantum-like” and real quantum interactions. All the members of the group are internationally recognized for their contributions to the development of models and experimental procedures for the study of a wide variety of hysteretic processes. the team has also an outstanding experimental and computational infrastructure (about 3meuros invested in the last 5 years) which can provide an exceptional starting base for this complex project.


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Professor Alexandru STANCU   Director
Dorin CIMPOESU  Researcher
Petronel POSTOLACHE  Researcher
Radu TANASA  Researcher
Iordana ASTEFANOAEI  Researcher
Ioan DUMITRU  Researcher


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Irina URSACHI Postdoc
Ovidiu CHISCAN Postdoc
Costin DOBROTA PhD student
Alin LUNGU PhD student
Eugen ONICIUC PhD student
Ciprian PÎNZARU PhD student
Mihai NICA PhD student



Final Report (Nov. 2016)