Associate Professor, dr

Department of Physics,
"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Blvd. Carol I, 11, Iasi, 700506, ROMANIA
Tel: (+40) 232 201 102  #  2544, FAX: (+40) 232 201 205, RADU.TANASA@UAIC.RO


  • Habilitation in Physics in 2023 (Thesis: Hysteresis processes in spin crossover compounds: experimental and theoretical studies) @ "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Romania
  • D.Sc. Physics (magnetism of nano-structures) in 2007 with distinction “Summa cum laude” (Thesis: Contributions to the study of magnetization processes in structured particulate ferromagnetic media) @ "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Romania
  • D.Sc. Physics (molecular magnetism – photoswitchable materials) in 2006 with distinction “Tres honorable avec felicitations du jury” (Thesis: Analysis and study of the hysteretic properties in thermo- piezo- and photo-switchable spin-transition compounds) @ Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines University, France
  • M.Sc. in Physics in 2004
  • B.Sc. in Physics in 2002


Awards and Scholarships

  • 2008 — Prize for best research group from a Romanian University awarded by National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS - Romania) at the “Top of excellence in research” contest
  • December 2007 — Excellence prize for outstanding contributions in physics of magnetic nanostructures from National science and art foundation of Romanian Academy
  • 2007 — European Doctorate in Molecular Magnetism diploma awarded by MAGMANet (Molecular Approach to Nanomagnets and Multifunctional Materials – FP6 NoE 515767-2)
  • 2007 — Cotutelle thesis award - “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi
  • 2005-2006 — Eiffel Doctorate Scholarship - for top-level PhD students (international competition, funded by French Minster of External Affairs through EGIDE)
  • 2004-2005 — Romanian Government Scholarship
  • December 2003 — CARPATH Excellence Prize awarded by the Centre for Applied Research in Physics and Advanced TecHnologies, Romania



  • since 2023 — Associate Professor within the Department of Physics, Faculty of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University
  • 2014-2016 — Research associate @ Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK (Project title: “Micromechanical measurements in living embryos”)
  • 2013-2023 — Lecturer within the Department of Physics, Faculty of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University
  • 2010-2012 — Postdoctoral fellow @ Department of Physics, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, RO (Project title: “Switching in highly correlated hysteretic systems" - CORELSYS)
  • 2008-2013 — Assistant Professor within the Department of Physics, Faculty of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University
  • 2005-2008 — Teaching Assistant within the Department of Physics, Faculty of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University


Courses and labs

  • Physics and Technology of Magnetic Materials (MSc level)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (BSc level)
  • Introduction to the Modelling of Physical Processes (BSc level)
  • The Modelling of the Physical Processes (MSc level)
  • Data Acquisitions and Processing Systems (BSc level)
  • Virtual Instrumentation (MSc level)
  • Theoretical and Numerical Micromagnetism (MSc level)
  • Information Technologies (BSc level)
  • Programming languages (BSc level)
  • Data Acquisitions Systems (MSc level)
  • Simulations methods in medical physics (MSc level)



  • 2022 — University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (Prof Alexandre Kabla)
  • 2011 — University Francois Rabelais Tours, France (Dr Beatrice Negulescu)
  • 2009 — National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) - Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (Prof Irinel Chiorescu)
  • 2007-2011 — University of Versailles, France (Prof Jorge Linares)
  • 2007, 2009 — Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI) - University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana (Prof Leonard Spinu)
  • 2007 — University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida (Prof James J. Hickman)
  • 2007 — University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland (Prof Andreas Hauser)


Scientific techniques and skils

  • Knowledge regarding general experimental techniques and principles.
  • Experimental magnetic characterization: VSM / AGM, QD-MPMS XL (low field profiling, photomagnetism, pressure cell)
  • Optical characterization: transmission spectroscopy, reflectivity under pressure, SPIM
  • Cryogenic closed circuit systems technology: optical cryostat (2.8 – 300 K), Cryomech’s 12 liters per day liquid helium plant as part of helium recovery solution for MPMS
  • Instrumentation development: magnetic tweezers for in vivo studies, pressure FORC optical detection platform
  • Experience in programming, numerical techniques and experimental data analysis (C/C++, Fortran, Maple, COMSOL Multiphysics, LabView, Python, Qt, OpenCV)


Professional organisations memberships

  • Senior Member of the IEEE - Magnetics Society



  • 38 papers in the domain of magnetism and magnetic materials, spin transition materials, modeling and simulation