Material design, preparation, properties and modeling of multifunctional oxides structures for microelectronics and new energy storage applications

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    •     Calcination furnace (temperature 1300oC), model L5/13, with controler P330, producer Nabertherm
    •     Voltage and current sources HAMEG 7042-5 (2)
    •     Impedance interface. Sample suport system for model Solartron. Software Zplot/CorrWare
    •     High precision system for piezoelectric mesurements PIEZOMETER PIEZOTEST PM300
    •     Analytical balance with 5 decimals 81/120g Ohaus
    •     Thermostatic bath (with sand) 6l
    •     Data Acquisition (DAQ) - National Instruments
    •     Notebook –Lenovo
    •     Hydrothermal reactor - PARR Sample preparation bomb
    •     Peristaltic pump ROTARUS SMART 30
    •     Isostatic manual press for densification of oxide powders in order to produce dense ceramics (partial payment from this grant)

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