This project intends to lead to the first complete study (experimental+ model) of the properties of nano and micro particles embedded in various media and will allow the first experiments on the bistability under light and of the pressure effect. In this very new research field, the only published data concern studies of only the thermal transition (no light or pressure effect) of compounds embedded in polymers, accompanied by simple models for unique particles. We shall propose an original model taking into account the propagation of interactions through the polymer in real systems.


Overall this research plan will impact basic and applied nanoscience and contribute to the training of new scientists. The findings gained from this project will contribute to the basic understanding of the nanoscale physical phenomena, providing insights into the multifunctional composite materials. The young researchers involved in this interdisciplinary program, which is situated at the border of solid state physics, materials science and engineering, will acquire a broad range of skills in materials synthesis, magnetic and electrical characterization, and computational skills. We intend to published several papers in large impact ISI journals;we expect at least 2-3 papers each year. The field of the project is new and with fast development, therefore the influence of our research, (number of citations) is expected to be very high.

The possible immediate benefit for the society comes from the big impact of the proposed activity on technology. This will open a new efficient path for multifunctionality where magnetization, polarization and strain can be changed simultaneously by light, temperature and applied magnetic and electric fields. As detailed in this research project, this study will be able to provide an enhancement of direct or converse magnetoelectric coupling, and more importantly, will be able to respond to thermal and photonic stimuli.
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