Energy assisted magnetization reversal - dynamics and thermal effects


Financed by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS – UEFISCDI,
project   PN-II-RU-TE-2012-3-0439,   no. 25 / 2013







Main results -- English version

2016 Report -- Romanian version

2015 Report -- Romanian version

2014 Report -- Romanian version

2013 Report -- Romanian version


  • Dorin Cimpoesu, Laurentiu Stoleriu, and Alexandru Stancu
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  • Ioan Dumitru, Dorin Cimpoesu, and Alexandru Stancu
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  • Eugen Oniciuc, Laurentiu Stoleriu, Dorin Cimpoesu, and Alexandru Stancu
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  • Ioan Dumitru, Iordana Astefanoaei, Dorin Cimpoesu, and Alexandru Stancu
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  • Laurentiu Stoleriu, Alexandru Stancu, Pradip Chakraborty, Andreas Hauser, and Cristian Enachescu
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  • Dorin Cimpoesu, Ioan Dumitru, and Alexandru Stancu
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