The main goal of this postdoctoral program is to provide the young Romanian researchers with a new mean to continue the research activity after the completion of the doctoral studies in a highly competitive scientific area. From the scientific point of view, the project will stimulate research in nanoscience and nanotechnologies, with the aim of improving the visibility of our group at the international level. Even if the results of our group in the domain are widely known and recognized in the domain of nanomagnetism especially, we would like through this project to improve the management of research and to increase the number of publication in the most prestigious scientific journals. The program's keywords will be nano (nanometer scale physics of materials), giga (study of characterization methods at the GHz range of frequency) and high performance computing and simulation (the use of the best numerical methods and technologies – e.g. parallel computing). An important issue is the establishment of a clear management structure for the program, a fair system of selection of the candidates, and the continuing pursuit of the final goal to organize a highly competitive scientific Romanian team able to successfully be involved with other international groups in top scientific subjects, like nanoscience. We already managed to organize an internationally recognized group (of about 20 Ph.D., Ph.D. students and M.Sc. students) and that our scientific record (about 30% of university ISI publications) is the best from our University (qualified first in the last independent survey based on published ISI papers in 2004). We are partners in EU/FP6 Network of Excellence MAGMANET (for the period 2005-2009 - 145.000 EURO) and we are coordinating the grant CNCSIS A-Consortium NANOCONS for nanomaterials. The group has consolidated scientific links with many national and international partners and the participation to other EU scientific programs will be considered.


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