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The magnetostrictive materials having large applications started to be in the last decade the subject of extensive research due to three reasons. The first one: industrial-scale preparation must be funded on laboratory research. In the case of cobalt ferrites and of cobalt ferrite based composites it is important to clarify the conditions determining the formation of some series of products showing high magnetostriction coefficients. The microstructure and the anisotropy induced during preparation or post-processing, the cation migration from tetrahedral to octahedral positions, the conduction mechanisms and, related to these, the catalytic properties need detailed analysis. Modelling magnetization process, the study of the distribution of nano- and micro-particles coercitivity and of their interaction still has no coherent and congruent solutions yet. The second reason: extension from the laboratory scale to industrial tehnology raises special problems of applied research. Magnetostriction properties of the laboratory obtained cobalt ferrites indicate that they certainly could be successfully applied in practice in several directions. As a massive material, they could be used as magnetic cores and force, pressure or torsion sensors. In the form of nano -powders, they can be used as catalysts or gas sensors and in medicine, and as thin layers in nano and microelectronics. Practical applications could be restricted by some functioning parameters possibly controlled through technologycal processing parameters. The third reason: the industrial application is a complex field from the point of view of the competitive level. The ferrite based laboratory sensors or those already produced in microfactories compet on the marquet with others having already a good reputation.This is why the new product must be cheaper and better to overcome the users suspicion on substitution of the old, known product with a new one.
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