Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi
Regional Centre of Excelence for Students Perfomance, Iasi


International Contest

    The Phi contest is open to any student, anywhere, enrolled in a form of school equivalent to Gymnasium or Lyceum and to all Romanian participants who have won Ist, IInd, or IIIrd prize in the Phi national contest of 2008.

    Φ -2008 is organized by the Iasi Distance Education Study Centre of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in collaboration with the Regional Centre of Excelence.

    The contest will take place online most probably on a weekend day in October or November 2008.

    You are invited to find out more and participate!

     Unfortunately, in 2008 the International PHI Contest will NOT be organized!
     Looking forward to hearing from you at PHI 2009!


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