Telephone: +(40232) 201 175
Fax: +(40232) 201 205
E-mail: radu.tanasa@uaic.ro
B.Sc. Physics in 2002
M.Sc. in Physics in 2004
D.Sc. Physics (molecular magnetism – photoswitchable materials) in 2006 with distinction “Tres honorable avec felicitations du jury”
D.Sc. Physics (magnetism of nano-structures) in 2007 with distinction “Summa cum laude”
"European Doctorat in Molecular Magnetism"  diploma from MAGMANet NoE in 2007
Prizes October 2007 - Diploma from "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University for cotutelle thesis
December 2007 - Excellence prize for outstanding contributions in physics of magnetic nanostructures from National science and art foundation of Romanian Academy
December 2003 - the prize of
excellence research center CARPATH 
Position University Lecturer at Department of Physics, UAIC - RO
Research Associate at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge - UK
Courses, seminaries and practical works
Physics and Technology of Magnetic Materials
Electricity and Magnetism
Informational Technologies
Modelling of Physical Processes
Data Acquisitions and Processing Systems
Virtual Instrumentation
Theoretical and Numerical Micromagnetism
Research 31 papers in the domain of magnetism and magnetic materials, spin transition materials, modeling and simulation
over 90 conference presentation in international conferences
Grants Director of TD grant and PD grant (CNCSIS Romania) and team member in more than 30 grants (national and international)
Affiliation Member of Magnetics Society of IEEE
Member of CARPATH, Centre of Excellence in Scientific Research of the CNCSIS
Member of AMON platform
Socrates mobility March 2003 – July 2003 at University of Versailles
Romania Government grant: November 2004 – January 2005 at University of Versailles
Eiffel Doctorate Scholarship - for top-level PhD students: September 2005 – May 2006 
Experience in programming, numerical techniques and experimental data analysis (Visual C++, Fortran, Maple, MatLab, COMSOL-Multiphysics)
Annexes List of published ISI papers (31 papers)
  List of grants, contracts (33 grants)
  Books chapters (3)
  Conference presentations (over 60 presentations)
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