Professor Gheorghe POPA

Telephone: +(40232) 201025
Education 1966 B.Sc. in Physics (specialized in Optics and Spectroscopy) at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University;
1974 Ph.D. with a thesis entitled "Contributions to plasma diagnosis methods"
Position professor at the Department of Plasma Physics and Matter Structure (1990).
1990-1992 vice-rector of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania
1992-2000 Rector of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania
2003-2005 State Secretary for research in Ministry of Education and Research, Romania
2004-present Vice-Rector for research of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania
Courses Plasma physics
Books "C.Minculescu" prize of the Romanian Academy for the year 1989;
Officier des Palmes Academique (Ministere de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche de France) 1996
Order “Crucea Moldava” of the Mitropoly of Molodova nad Bucowine, 1997
Professor honoris causa of the Augsburg Universty, Germany, 1999
Diploma of excelence “Vasile Pogor” of the Iasi townhall 1999,
Diploma and medal of University of Freiburg, Germany, 2000
National order “Steaua Romaniei” grade officer, 2000
Order “Crucea Patriarhala” of Romanian Patriarchy, 2005
Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Balti, Republic of Moldavia, 2006
Research The main scientific activity is in plasma physics and its applications. Main results are:
• 155 scientific papers published in scientific journals (102 in ISI system)
• 201 scientific papers published in scientific proceedings of the international conferences and symposia
• 156 scientific papers published in scientific proceedings of national conferences
• 3 books in central publishing house, 4 chapters in 4 intrenational books and 3 books in local printing system
• 9 patents
Grants Coordinator, on behalf of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, of the European research network PECO - 08469 for the years 1993 - 1995, entitled "Fundamental studies of discharge in view of their technological applications".
Romanian coordinator of the Programme COPERNICUS - ERB 3512 PL 561 (COP 1561) for the period 1995 – 1998.
Responsible from Romanian side within the “Brancusi” program of cooperation between “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania and University Paris – sud, Orsay, France (2003-2004 and 2007-2008)
Affiliation the Romanian Society of Physics (vice-president) (since 1999)
the European Society of Physics (since 1996)
the National Council of Research in Universities (1996-2005)
the National Council for Certificate, Titles and Equivalence of Studies (since2000)
the National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation (president of the commission, 2000-2005)
founding member of the Romanian-German Cultural Society of Iasi an Konstznz (since 1998)
team of experts for monitoring the reform within Prishtina University (2000-2002)
Expert of European University Association for evaluation of Universities (since 2002)
member of the board of National Committee for new National Plan of Research and Development 2007-2013 (2004-2006)
Other Editor in chief of the Scientific Journal: Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iasi – Physics
Member of the organizing committees of the following conferences and symposiums:
IIIrd International Symposium of Double Layers and Non-linear Phenomena in Plasma (1987);
IV-th Intern. Symposium of Double Layers in Plasma (Innsbruck, 1992); V-th Intern. Symposium of Double Layers. Potential formation and Related nonlinear Phenomena in Plasma (Sendai, 1996); organizer of the International Summer School in "Low Temperature Plasma" (Iasi, 1992) and "Elementary Processes" (1995), “Plasma thermiques et applications”, Iasi, august 2003, ESCAMPIG (Constanta 2004 and Lecce 2006).
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